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Sunderland Campus

The University of Sunderland practice name blind shortlisting.  This action is intended to reduce unconscious bias in our recruitment process and ensure that appropriately qualified people are shortlisted.

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Title Salary (from) Closing Date
Glass Maker £25,910 to £31,784 per annum 01/09/2020
Lecturer in Digital Marketing £33,797 to £40,322 per annum 25/08/2020
Senior Lecturer in Cellular Pathology £40,958 to £51,035 per annum 24/08/2020
Senior Lecturer in Haematology £40,958 to £51,035 per annum 24/08/2020
Clinical Link Lecturer (Learning Disability) - Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship £33,797 to £40,322 per annum 20/08/2020
Senior Lecturer - Programme Leader District Nurse Apprenticeship £40,958 to £51,035 per annum 17/08/2020
Lecturer / Clinical Link Tutor (Mental Health) £33,797 to £40,322 per annum 13/08/2020
Clinical Link Lecturer – Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (Adult) £33,797 to £40,322 per annum 10/08/2020
Clinical Link Lecturer – Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (Mental Health) £33,797 to £40,322 per annum 10/08/2020
Senior Lecturer / AESIP Adult £40,958 to £51,035 per annum 07/08/2020

Vacancies marked with * are internal and are only available to current employees of the University.

If you can't find a vacancy at the moment use our email service to be alerted to vacancies in the future.

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