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The following RSS Feeds can be used to keep you fully up to date with the very latest job opportunities available at the University of Sunderland.

Jobs at the University of Sunderland

By Location
Graduate Internship Scheme
Sunderland Campus
UoS in London

By Category
Graduate Internship Scheme
Professional Support

By Faculty/Service
Academic Registry
Arts & Creative Industries
Business, Law & Tourism
Computer Science
Education & Society
Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing
Enterprise & Innovation
Graduate Internship Scheme
Health Sciences & Wellbeing
Human Resources
Legal, Governance & Business Assurance
Marketing & Recruitment
National Glass Centre
Student Journey
Technical Services
University Executive
University of Sunderland in London

By Department
Academic Support
Academic Technical Support Arts & Design
Academic Technical Support Biomedical
Academic Technical Support Biopharm
Academic Technical Support Computing & Engineering
Academic Technical Support Healthcare
Academic Technical Support Media & Communications
Access to HE & Scholarships
Accommodation Services
Admissions (London)
Brand & Client Marketing
Business Assurance
Business Development
Business Support (Facilities)
Business Support (London)
Campaign & Conversion
Careers & Employability (London)
Careers & Employability Services/ Sunderland Futures
Client Relationship
Commercial Services
Development & Alumni
Digital Content
Directorate (E&I)
Directorate (Facilities)
Educational Partnerships
Employer Engagement
Estate Services
Executive (Executive)
Executive (FACI)
Executive (FBLT)
Executive (FCS)
Executive (FEAM)
Executive (FES)
Executive (FHSW)
Executive (London)
Executive Support
FSS (Campus Services)
FSS (Maintenance)
Finance (London)
Finance Business Partnering
Financial Accounts
General (Acad Reg)
General (Finance)
General (HR)
General (MARS)
General (NGC)
General (Stud Journey)
General (Technical Serv)
Graduate Internship Scheme
HR Business Partnering
HR Management Systems
Health & Wellbeing
Health, Safety & Environment
Hot Glass Studio
Human Resources
IT Development
IT Infrastructure
IT Services
Institute of Sport
International Office
Joint Union Office
Learning Enhancement
Legal & Governance
Management Accounts
Market Insights
Organisation & Staff Development
Place & Connections
Placement Support
Planning & MI
Programme Support
Project Services
Quality Support
Research Support Office
School of Art & Design
School of Computer Science
School of Culture
School of Education
School of Engineering
School of Media & Communications
School of Nursing and Health Sciences
School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Student Administration
Student Casework
Student Recruitment (London)
Student Relations & Compliance
Student Support Services
Sunderland Business School
Sunderland Law School
The Gateway
The Institute for Automotive & Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP)
Timetabling, Attendance Monitoring & Graduations
University Library Services
Visitor Services

By Team
AR: General
AR: Learning Enhancement
AR: Placement Support
AR: Programme Support
AR: Quality Support
AR: Student Casework
AR: Timetabling, Attendance Monitoring & Graduations
Business Assurance
EI: Commercial Services
EI: Directorate
EI: Employer Engagement
EI: Research Support Office
FAC Arts
FAC Design
FAC Executive
FAC Journ, Media & Cult
FAC Media Perform & Prod
FBL Executive
FBL Leadership, HRM & Finance
FBL Marketing, Management & Strategy
FBL Tourism, Hosp & Even
FCS Data Engineering
FCS Executive
FCS Information Systems Engineering
FEA Engineering
FEA Executive
FES Applied Studies
FES Childhood Studies
FES Combined Subjects
FES Educatn Dept Mgt Grp
FES English
FES Executive
FES Humanities
FES International
FES Languages
FES Primary Education
FES Secondary Education
FES Social Studies
FHS Bioscience & Environment
FHS Cognitive/Biol Psychology
FHS Executive
FHS Health
FHS Pharmaceutical Sciences
FHS Pmacy Practice/Clin Therapeutics
FHS Social Psych/Counselling
FHS Sport & Exercise Sciences
FI: Business Partnering
FI: Financial Accounts
FI: General
FI: Management Accounts
FI: Planning & MI
FI: Procurement
FI: Project Services
Fac: Accommodation Servi
Fac: Business Support
Fac: Childcare
Fac: Directorate
Fac: Estate Services
Fac: FSS (Campus Servic)
Fac: FSS (Maintenance)
Graduate Internship Scheme
HR: General
HR: HR Business Partnering
HR: HR Management Systems
HR: Health, Safety & Environment
HR: Joint Union Office
HR: Organisation & Staff Development
Legal and Governance
MARS: Access to HE & Scholarships
MARS: Brand & Client Marketing
MARS: Campaign & Conversion
MARS: Client Relationship
MARS: Communications
MARS: Digital Content
MARS: Educational Partnerships
MARS: General
MARS: Market Insights
NGC: Arts
NGC: General
NGC: Hot Glass Studio
NGC: Retail
NGC: Visitor Services
Place & Connections
SJ: Careers & Employability Services/ Sunderland Futures
SJ: General
SJ: Institute of Sport
SJ: Student Administration
SJ: Student Support Services
SJ: The Gateway
SJ: University Library Services
TS: ATS Arts & Design
TS: ATS Biomedical
TS: ATS Biopharm
TS: ATS Comp & Eng
TS: ATS Healthcare
TS: ATS Media & Comms
TS: General
TS: IT Development
TS: IT Infrastructure
TS: IT Services
UE: Develoment & Alumni
UE: Exec Support
UE: Executive
UE: International Office
USLC: Academic Support
USLC: Admissions
USLC: Business
USLC: Business Development
USLC: Business Support
USLC: Careers & Employability
USLC: Executive
USLC: Finance
USLC: Health & Wellbeing
USLC: Human Resources
USLC: Library
USLC: Nursing
USLC: Student Recruitment
USLC: Student Relations & Compliance


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